Congratulations to all students that graded at the weekend in Cambourne. Everyone passed with the following students achieving ‘A’ passes.

Navid Klarblaine Hossini
Faris Khalafalla
Noah Blanchard
Luca Rojas
Georgia Johnstone
Denise Sobisz
Star Dalston
Lauren Grattidge
Luke Philpott
Next Grading will be at Adventure Camp Kick (Fri 25th July –Sun 27th July)
Entries for the Grantham Tournament need to be to us by Wednesday 23rd April with payment.
 Lists of events are below.
 All individual events cost £9.00 per event.
Sparring (point stop + continuous. Adult Black Belts can enter both sparring events)
Junior(up to and inc 14yrs)
Cadet (15yrs and inc 17yrs)
Adult (18yrs up)
Flying Kicks (Junior only)
Destruction (Adult Black Belts only)
Team events cost £5.00 per person
Team Patterns (2 students)
JUNIORS (Both Team members must be UNDER 16yrs. Mixed Boys & Girls Allowed)
ADULTS (Both Team members must be OVER 16yrs Mixed Men & Ladies Allowed.)
MIXED (One member must be UNDER 16yrs and one member must be OVER 16yrs Mixed Male & Female Allowed)
Tag Team Sparring (3 students)
JUNIORS (Up to 16 yrs .No mixed teams)
ADULTS (Over 16yrs. No mixed teams)
Application forms are on the Academy website.
The Welsh application forms need to be to us by Friday 25th April, and are also on the website or you can click the link below.
Only a few days left to ‘claim’ your discount off your Camp Kick application. The 1st May is the closing date, after that the normal price will apply. Click on the link for the application form. At the moment its looking as though we will be holding the grading on the Saturday morning instead of the Friday night, but we will confirm this nearer the date. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10442539/ADVENTURE%20CAMP%20KICK%202014%20application%20form.docx
Any Black Belt that would like to attend the Umpires Course Pt1 which is on Saturday 3rd May  and Pt 2 on Sunday 4th May in Willenhall, need to inform your Instructor asap so will can arrange the forms for you to fill in and submit. It is a requirement to attend the Umpires course to be eligible to grade (16yrs and over). If you are unsure of the requirements, speak to your Instructor.
This is on Sunday 4th May 2pm-4pm at Belper Leisure Centre. This is also a requirement for all Black Belts to attend for their grading. You will need to take your black Licence book to be stamped.

Fri 25th –Sun 27th April    Black Belt Grading Weekend    Bristol
Sat 3rd May        Umpires Course Pt 1        Willenhall
Sun 4th May        Umpires Course Pt2        Willenhall
            Black Belt Presentation        Belper
Sat 10th May        Lincolnshire Championship    Grantham
Sun 18th May        Welsh Championships        Cardiff

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